trailing edge of the sun

Lachlan Matteo Adams. Eighteen; son of Eos. I like to write, my dad is an English teacher after all.
Location: Vermont, United States

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It was another great day and the Sun, as usual, up high on the sky shining on the grass creating summer spirits everywhere around Camp Half-Blood. Everyone was yelling and shouting either of a volleyball game or you could hear the collision between two swords from the arena. But today, Lachlan just wants to rest, do nothing in particular, even if that’s all he does during the other days. He dropped down onto the ground, with his back leaning on a thick tree branch (hopefully it isn’t Thalia’s pinecone tree or Lachlan could be zapped by that daughter of Zeus’s lightning powers. If he brought along a book, it would be like cherry on top of an ice-cream, just perfect, but he didn’t. Instead, he wondered if there’s a possibility that a friend could drop by and have a small chat with him.

2 years ago
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